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The survey included some free form fields for user comments, these are below.
Some comments talk about preference for device openness. This would have been very nice to include in the survey, but as soon I as tried to add more questions, the “surveymonkey” website demanded I upgrade. I would have liked a question for battery accessibility, but 10 questions didn’t cut it. Live and learn! Can anyone recommend a better free survey site for the future?

Additional comments about device platforms:

  • For me, an OS has to have personality, visual language. iOS and WP have theirs. Android is a heap of features without rhyme or reason.
  • I love the Apple ecosystem” and the aesthetics, but I prefer openness and freedom of choice. Android did a good work with”
  • i need a debian port to my phone.
  • I use Maemo as my primary mobile OS.
  • If it’s not open platform, I’m not interested in.
  • Let it be as Open as possible.

Additional comments about skeumorphism:

  • I want a UI to accelerate or at least not get in the way of doing things. Skeuomorphic design by itself doesn’t annoy nor please me.
  • I prefer UI consistency between applications.
  • I would probably never buy a DVR if it didn’t have controls that resembled those on an old Sony Walkman. But I also wouldn’t ever buy a DVR if it was yellow and had a window where I could see two tape rolls.
  • Oops, sorry, I guess I put my opinion a page too early.

Skeuomorphic Survey Results

Here are the results of the survey conducted to measure the skeumorphic preferences of OS News posters.

Here is the original thread:

This poll was conducted on survey monkey(*1), we collected 43 results.

Raw Data

We asked the following questions:
1. How many Apple IOS devices do you currently own?
2. On a scale of 1-5, how much do you like Apple IOS?
3. How many Windows phone/tablet devices do you currently own?
4. On a scale of 1-5, how much do you like Windows phones/tablets?
5. How many Android devices do you currently own?
6. On a scale of 1-5, how much do you like Android?
7. List anything else you’d like to say about your mobile device preferences:
8. On a scale of 1-5, how much influence does a device’s skeuomorphic characteristics have on your buying decisions?
9. On a scale of 1-5, what is your opinion of skeuomorphic interfaces?
10. List anything else you’d like to say about your skeuomorphic UI preferences. We’ve reached the surveymonkey question limit, so add whatever else you want to say here.

From the data, we used the ownership and platform “like” data to create the following 2d bubble charts that represent how much each platform’s owners actually like their own platform. This shows the majority of android & apple owners rated their platforms at 4/5. Windows devices didn’t fare as well in this survey.




This next charts show the skeumorphic preferences for owners of various platforms. The preferences were very similar across all platforms – the majority of owners disliked skeumorphism, yet there were outliers on all platforms who liked it. This shows what I set out to show, that there’s not very much correlation between skeumorphic preferences and choice of platform.




One last graph we have shows the relationship between skeuomorphic preferences and the importance of skeuomorphism in making buying decisions. No surprises here, but note that of those who like skeuomorphism, they are not likely to factor it into a purchasing decision.


*1 As a warning to others, survey monkey allows you to create a free survey, but it holds the survey data hostage until you pay for the right to download and analyse the results. This was a stupid oversight when the survey was constructed, however I won’t be using survey monkey again. There’s not even an HTML data table were the results can be copied from the site either. I created a perl script to parse the data from the survey monkey page that views one result at a time.