The survey included some free form fields for user comments, these are below.
Some comments talk about preference for device openness. This would have been very nice to include in the survey, but as soon I as tried to add more questions, the “surveymonkey” website demanded I upgrade. I would have liked a question for battery accessibility, but 10 questions didn’t cut it. Live and learn! Can anyone recommend a better free survey site for the future?

Additional comments about device platforms:

  • For me, an OS has to have personality, visual language. iOS and WP have theirs. Android is a heap of features without rhyme or reason.
  • I love the Apple ecosystem” and the aesthetics, but I prefer openness and freedom of choice. Android did a good work with”
  • i need a debian port to my phone.
  • I use Maemo as my primary mobile OS.
  • If it’s not open platform, I’m not interested in.
  • Let it be as Open as possible.

Additional comments about skeumorphism:

  • I want a UI to accelerate or at least not get in the way of doing things. Skeuomorphic design by itself doesn’t annoy nor please me.
  • I prefer UI consistency between applications.
  • I would probably never buy a DVR if it didn’t have controls that resembled those on an old Sony Walkman. But I also wouldn’t ever buy a DVR if it was yellow and had a window where I could see two tape rolls.
  • Oops, sorry, I guess I put my opinion a page too early.

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